Understanding how to interpret statements of former political leaders — one type of evidence–helps develop the ability to discern between the truthful and the self-serving statements of current political leaders. This essay disagrees with this notion since history has been repeated repeatedly. The ability to mix various kinds of evidence–private records, public statements and numerical data, as well as visual evidence–helps develop the capacity to formulate coherent arguments using various kinds of information. In the case of India, Pakistan and India suffered enormous losses during their first war against one the other, but both nations failed to learn from their mistakes, which led them to be required to fight in subsequent wars. This ability can be applied to data encountered in daily life. In the end, nations can manage their present and define their future through the lessons learned from mistakes that have been made throughout historical past.

The ability to evaluate conflicting Interpretations . Even though the global dynamics have changed dramatically in the past the pattern of history repeats itself. The process of learning about history requires ability to discern between various and often contradictory interpretations. Therefore, it is always beneficial to learn from the past to anticipate similar events. Understanding how societies function–the primary objective of studying history–is innately unclear, and this buy is true of knowing what’s happening today. Have you completed an essay about this subject?

Write it down in the comments to get an estimate of the band score for free. Being able to recognize and assess the various interpretations that exist is a crucial ability for citizens, and the study of history, which is a contested study of human experiences offers the opportunity to learn. Hi, I’m Manjusha.

This is one of the areas where the advantages of studying history can conflict with the more narrow use of the past to establish the notion of identity. Here is my website, where I provide IELTS exam preparation tips. The experience of examining the past can provide a critical and constructive perspective which could be used to challenge claims made by partisans regarding the glory of the national or group identity. Next story A sense of competitiveness should be encouraged for children. Studying history does not in any way undermine the commitment or loyalty of a person, but it does help to understand the necessity to evaluate arguments and provides the opportunity to debate and gain an understanding. Band 8 essay for the IELTS. Experience in evaluating past examples of Change . Example Previous story You Discovered problems with the expensive item You bought | IELTS Band 8 Letter Example.

The ability to evaluate past instances of change is essential for understanding the impact of change on our current society. 4 Responses. It’s a crucial ability in what we often told is our "ever-changing globe." Analyzing change requires an ability to assess the significance and magnitude of changes, as certain changes are more significant than others. There is a belief among some individuals that knowing about the history of our time is crucial and must be studied to better understand the current situation. Comparing specific changes to examples from the past can help students studying history build this ability. Some people believe that studying historical facts is not of any value and that it is not needed.

The ability to recognize the commonalities that accompany even the most extreme changes is also a result of studying the past, as does the ability to identify possible reasons for changes. I believe that the study of the past is crucial in understanding the development of mankind from very beginning until the present. The study of history can help determine, for instance whether one factor, such as technological advancement or a deliberate policy change is the reason for the change or if it is it is, in reality, a variety of elements come together to create the change that takes place. Many of the issues we face today are resolved by looking back to their roots in the past.

The study of history, as a whole essential in the advancement of that mysterious person, the well-informed citizen. It is believed by certain individuals that history has no worth and doing research on it is a wasted time. It gives us basic facts regarding the history of our institutions in the political realm and about the issues and values that impact our well-being as a social being. The reasoning behind this can be explained by a number of reasons.

It also enhances our ability to make use of evidence, evaluate the implications, and evaluate changes and continuity. The first is that the modern world is changing rapidly and individuals feel obligated to stay abreast of the recent developments. It is impossible to be able to deal with the present in the same way that historians deal with the past, as we lack the knowledge to do this, but we can make progress towards this direction by utilizing the mental habits of the past and act as more effective citizens in the process.